The manufacturing process

Which material do we use?

We use beverage cartons and coffee to go mugs.

How are they used to make pallets or other products?

Step I
We grind the beverage cartons and cups untreated into small pieces that are only a few millimeters in size.

Step II
This shredded regrind is now mixed with an adhesive and blown special fibers.

Step III
This material mix is ​​blown into a mold and pressed there to the final finished product.

Step IV
Now the pallet is removed from the press. Reworking such as deburring the edges is not necessary.

The production in the video

Anlage zur Großserienfertigung von Dämmteilen zur Boden- und Stirnwandisolation für den VW Passat am Standort in North Carolina, USA
Kapazität: 165.000 Fahrzeugsätze (1x Boden- und 1x Stirnwandisolierung); 400kg Material/h
Material: Recyclingtextilien, thermoplastische Bindefasern